Madchild - The Hip Hop Gods Interview:

Swollen Members rapper, Madchild, has experienced countless highs and lows (literally) in his 20 years as an active emcee. One of his biggest battles was presumably his opiate addiction, which nearly killed him. He still managed to put out albums with Swollen Members and do a little touring, but he was nowhere near as productive as he is today. In 2012, Madchild released his first solo album, Dope Sick, and followed up with Lawn Mower Man in 2013. His latest solo album, Silver Tongue Devil, dropped in July 2015 and he’s been steadily on the grind in support of the 15-track effort ever since. In Part I of the HipHopGods interview, Madchild discusses his struggles, touring and what success looks like these days....READ MORE HERE..