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Madchild - Aesthetic Magazine Toronto Live Review & 

Madchild performing at Babylon Nightclub in Ottawa, Ontario on January 21, 2016. (Photo: Lucy Sky/Aesthetic Magazine)

Madchild’s show at Babylon nightclub in downtown Ottawa on January 21st was a night filled with dirty beats, and the grimiest of rhymes.
From start to finish, this wasn’t something any hip-hop fan in the area would want to miss. People came from as far as Peterborough to see the show, and with six opening acts and local support, Ceerouse, C-Note, Pimpton, Prehistoric, Swift Crew and Young Kazh, they got the crowd warmed up into a frenzy. The small crowd grew progressively larger into a full house by the time Madchild came on and gave him that warm Ottawa welcome.
While every artist put their all into their performance, Madchild took it to another level. The fans were head over heels when he came on stage, suiting a winter jacket and backpack. It wasn’t long until he started showcasing his lyrical skills and putting on his fan-enthused performance. Throwing off the jacket, getting comfortable on stage, he brought forth the performance that everyone was expecting and they could not have been happier about it.
The night was jam packed with the crowd chiming in on continuous rhymes, playing into his stage presence and creating a fully enthusiastic environment. The spark between artist and fans was strong enough for anyone to be enthralled by.
While he didn’t play the same venue, Snak the Ripper recently performed in Ottawa with one of the same supporting artists, Swisha T, and about halfway through the show Madchild had the crowd chanting “f**k Snak the Ripper” after he belted out “who here hates Snak the Ripper, f**k Snak the Ripper”, which unified the crowd and amped up the adrenaline in the room.
Highlights of the night were fan favourites like “Lawn Mower Man,” “Runaway” and “Prefontaine.” Foremost was when the Vancouver rapper jumped into the crowd, the fans were taken a back by the fact that he not only welcomed fans to the stage for most of the night, but also wanted to come down to their level.
Madchild is on tour throughout February and will visit London, ON. on Feb. 2nd, Sarnia, ON. on Feb. 3rd, Kitchener, ON. on Feb. 4th, Windsor, ON. on Feb. 5th, Toronto, ON. on Feb. 6th, and more. Full tour dates here.

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Madchild - Aesthetic Magazine Toronto Live Review & Photos:
  (Photo: Lucy Sky/Aesthetic Magazine)

 (Photo: Lucy Sky/Aesthetic Magazine)

Madchild - The Kevin Gill Show Podcast Interview

 The Kevin Gill Show Podcast Interview:
Madchild returns to talk Silver Tongue Devil, PMA, BaxWar compilation, Battle Raps, new album with Evidence, Lamour Supreme, Daylight, Ceekay Jones, Straight Up Vapours, his insane touring schedule for 2016, Danny Diablo, and MUCH MORE!

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Madchild enjoying relocation to Los Angeles

*Rapper and Battleaxe Warrior, plus Swollen Members member Shane Bunting aka Madchild will always represent Canada even though he has called Los Angeles home for the past year.

“I love L.A. But I’m always proud to be a Canadian and I’ll always represent Canada,” he said, driving through the Rocky Mountains,  to play several Western Canadian dates including the Jan. 1 show at Inferno.“ I love L.A. There’s beautiful sunsets every day and I can walk my dog on the beach,” he said, adding he will always return to Canada to perform.“B.C and ALberta are also beautiful but in a different way. I’ve toured Canada three times this year. Who does that? Tours Canada three ti times in the winter,” Madchild said, adding it doesn’t rain as much in L.A. as it does in Vancouver.He moved to L.A. for a change in scenery , not to mention a change in weather and for his career. Everything happens either in L.A. or New York. There’s a lot here. There’s Sirius XM radio and B-Real TV, so things move fast. I’ve met people and I’ve got a lot of friends there, so I found I could accomplish so much more in a short amount of time,” he said.
“Some parts of L.A. aren’t good, but I live in a pretty fancy neighbourhood,” he said.He released a new CD (His first one while living in L.A)  “Silver Tongued Devil” earlier this year which he needs to support.
“I guess it is my first album in L.A. It’s done great. It was number two album and made it into the Top 200 albums of the year. So  it’s really done well,” he said.“ An album used to be a part of  a certain point in your life (for audiences). An album used to remind you of  that time in your life.  But it’s not that way anymore. Rappers usually have  three month careers now. Even Dr. Dre released an album people had been waiting 20 years for,” he said observing even it had a short shelf life.“ Unfortunately there will never be another Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. That’s just how it is,” he said adding it is rare for a musician to have staying power, so he feels blessed to  have maintained a career rapping for 17 years.
“ I feel blessed to be able to do this for the past 17 years and I’ll do my best to continue it,” he said.A lot of the songs are about his recovery from an expensive , $3 million addiction to the painkillers oxycodone and percocets.“There was no real information about them then. I was an addict and I didn’t even know it. Before I could take or leave drugs. I didn’t want to stick a needle in my arm,” he said, emphasizing he is not completely sober.
“I still like to have a beer at shows,” he said.
“But I could take it or leave it. When I was with the Swollen Members I’d drink.  But then I could be home for three months and not have any,” he said, adding he feels responsible to his fans who come to him for advice , having heard his story of addiction and recovery.
He noted he has changed.“ I don’t play video games anymore, I watch movies now and  I never got into social networking. Someone else does that for me. I tried it once and never went back,” he said.“ I spend 16 hours a day making music,” he said.
A song that stands out on the new CD is the explicit “ Slut,” about being single and on the road early in his career, which is pretty controversial on today’s politically correct times.“How is that different from ‘Dickhead’” he asked. “Dickhead” is sampled at the beginning  of “Slut.”
“Audiences have a sense of humour. I have girls running on stage during the song singing along with the words to ‘Dickhead.’ The bottom line is it’s just a song.  I haven{t even released a video for it.  It’s the wild west out there today. Today, 10-year-olds can see porn on the Internet. When I wrote it I didn’t sit down intending to write another ‘Dickhead’ it just happened. Its about young girls in their early 20s it is what my life was like in my early 20s on the road back then,” he said.
“That’s my life,’ he said adding he will be performing  four or five of the new songs in Lethbridge.“I may even play Slut,” he continued.“I love what I do and a lot of the shows have been sold out. So let’s have a blast. I love my life right now,” he said. 
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Source: Lethbridge LA Beat 

 Instagram: @baxwarriors

Instagram: @baxwarriors