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Take a look at this quick review of Madchild's Silver Tongue Devil:

Madchild Review


Tonight in live music: Lucero, The Mavericks, Big Sam's Funky Nation + more

A look at concerts happening this Sat., Dec. 5.

Posted By LEILANI POLK on Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 11:59 AM

Madchild Over the trip-hop grooving production of “Jackel,” Vancouver-born, L.A.-based underground emcee Madchild flows about his talents (“I’m a sick and twisted midget with invisible friends / I cut like scissors with precision while you’re miserably vague / I mutilate the master, leave them physically dead / Some rappers run away from me like I’m a biblical plague”) and makes hilarious reference to juggalos, his dog’s Gucci travelbag, his girlfriend’s S&M tendencies and other topics in his crusty nasally spits and flows. The self-proclaimed “second greatest rapper in the white race” (or so he claims mockingly in “Mental”) is also a member of still-in-Canada hip hop group Swollen Members; this tour follows the release of his third solo LP, Silver Tongue Devil. (State Theatre, St. Petersburg)