Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss A Madchild Show

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By Chad T. Carsten | 

Madchild will be embarking on an Australian tour next month, to wrap up the Silver Tongue Devil Tour! Then he will be heading back to Canada! Don’t miss out! Here are our top 5 reasons on why you should never miss Madchild live.

1. Not your average Hip-Hop show

A Madchild show is not your average Hip-Hop show, because everyone who attends ends up connecting together as one big family, even complete strangers!  The entire crowd is feeding off the wild energy that Madchild brings to the stage! The attendees  turn the energy from the performance into a great positive experience and escape the 9-5 bullshit as a family together for the better.

2. Connecting with the crowd

Madchild isn’t afraid to jump into the crowd and interact with fans.  Yes, it can get quite dangerous for an artist to jump into the crowd because the Beatlemania type fans who love to grab onto an artist and it can create a hostile environment for them. It can lead to the artist getting their clothing torn up, assaulted, or even getting an arm accidentally pulled out of socket from everyone pulling all at once. Madchild ignores the danger. It also truly proves he wants to be with the fans no matter what!  The smile upon Madchild’s  face when jumping  back on stage further proves it too. The great big smile that emerges afterwards is a nod and thanks to the crowd for coming out to the show. He greatly enjoys the experience! Fans love connecting with their personal favorite artists and what better way to do it then by jumping into the middle of a crowd during a set.

3. Giving the audience a real Hip-Hop show

Madchild goes all out on stage and gives his absolute one-hundred percent best! He rarely misses a lyric and is constantly moving on stage! At the age of 40, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and could very well keep going all out on stage well beyond his 60s.  Mr. Baxwar is the true definition of age being just a number from the amount of energy and passion he displays when performing. It’s an incredible site too see!  On stage, the elite emcee  never forgets to acknowledge that without the fans, Madchild wouldn’t have a career. He also likes to make interesting faces too when playing a show which makes it even more entertaining!

4. The opening acts kill it live

No matter what acts Madchild brings with him on tour, they’re totally worth watching and shouldn’t be skipped!  Some opening acts can be a total snoozefest.  Even when watching with an open mind, trying your hardest to groove out, you might end up leaving. Not who opens for Madchild though!  Mr. Baxwar definitely has the eyes and ears for finding real raw talent that knows how to rock a stage. Demrick, Pimpton, and Super Smash Bros. are strong key examples. All those guys made the show even more extravagant! Look them all up on youtube if you don’t believe it.

5. The lovely ladies who attend

I’ve been to many Hip-Hop shows, but the finest of the finest ladies will show up at a Madchild show just to sing along to “Dickhead”. I’m talking like, Supermodel type ladies that like to make out with other ladies in the front row. Madchild sure attracts that type, and I guarantee you will witness that yourself when attending a his show. Madchild also likes to pull them up on stage. So if you’re a single male or a female that is into ladies, you won’t be disappointed!

 IG: @baxwarriors

IG: @baxwarriors