Brooklyn Payne Memorial Concert

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Tattoo artist Carl Lowther, known to many in Allentown and around the country by his artist name Brooklyn Payne, died suddenly June 11 of an aneurysm in his leg. He was 41. In his honor and to raise money for his family, a memorial concert and show of his work will be held 6 p.m.-midnight Sunday at Club Gravity at Chicago Restaurant.

"He was an amazing man, an amazing person," says Adlib (Adam Viola), a Lehigh Valley hip-hop artist and friend the family who is helping to organize the memorial and will perform.

Payne was born in Brooklyn but had a rough beginning, living in numerous foster homes. He moved to Allentown when he was 16.

He was self-taught as an artist from a young age and eventually found his calling in the tattoo artistry. His start in the industry came when he had an apprenticeship with local tattoo artist Larry Yerkes.

In 2003 Payne opened his own store called Sinner City on Tilghman Street in Allentown. The store remained open until 2007, when Payne began focusing more on touring his artwork to conventions around the country.

When he was 38, Payne moved to Los Angeles to be a part of its vibrant tattoo community, but continued to make stops in the Lehigh Valley, as well as making frequent trips to Staten Island, N.Y., to work at Ink Couture. He has tattooed celebrities such as Vanilla Ice, Bizarre from D12, King Gordy from 8 Mile, hip-hop artist and actor Slaine, and hip-hop artist Danny Diablo.

"He lived for it. He was a workaholic for it," Payne's wife Marybeth says.

Adlib, who has more than a dozen of Payne's works inked on his body, says it is the realism of his tattoos that make them so good. Payne tattooed an image of Viola's father onto his arm, which he says after 10 years still looks exactly like the photograph. His skill and positive personality are what made him well respected in the artist community, Adlib says.

"His color portraits were on another level," Viola says. "They just looked on the skin... amazing."

Scheduled to perform at the memorial show are Canadian rapper Madchild, New York hip-hop/hard core rapper Danny Diablo, J.O. The Last Man, DJ Merc and hip-hop artist and Payne's tattoo apprentice Split Divo.

The show is hosted by Battle Axe, a collective of artists to which Payne belonged that focuses on charity and community involvement. Started by Madchild, it has now grown to include almost 5,000 artists across North America and Europe.

The benefit also will include an art show, with pieces by Payne and other artists, some up for sale in a silent auction. Artists include Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink; Mark Mathews, a partner of Payne's and artist from season two of "Ink Masters" on Spike TV, Split Divo and Larry Yerkes.

Marybeth says that she is proud of Battle Axe for putting this together and caring so much for her husband. Previous benefits for the family, which includes Payne's 14-year-old daughter Rayley and 9-year-old son Aiden, have been hosted in Los Angles and Vancouver, Canada.

"We're looking forward to being able to come together and show how much his art meant to everybody," Adlib says.

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• What: A memorial concert, arts show and benefit for the family of tattoo artist Brooklyn Payne.

• When: 6 p.m.-midnight Aug. 28

• Where: Club Gravity at Chicago Restaurant 1179 Airport Road, Allentown

• How much: $25

A Message from Madchild

After a long World wide tour, it is great to be home!! I've been spending time making new friends and getting to know the members of the So Cal Division I am now a member of, as well as getting to know some of the other members and DL's from different cities. What an amazing group of people 🙏✨👌 such a warm and embracing division that have really made me feel welcome!! Not to mention, I am blown away by the talent a lot of our members have from Reno to SLC to So Cal and Nor Cal!! I look forward to getting to know more Warriors and Dimes on a personal level, and checking out more of the talented artists we have!!

I just want to say I'm very proud of Our BAX WAR community. 👌💎... going on the memorial ride for Brooklyn Payne was a sad but magical day at the same time.. He was and always will be a shining light and pillar of strength in our community!!!  

I will be attending the Aug 28th event in PA and performing to help raise money for His wonderful family. Click here for more info.

I look forward to meeting ECW members and reuniting with friends I have made during my travels ! I urge anyone that can afford it to keep making donations to his GoFundMe!

Every $10 -$20 helps!!  I am also performing with Adlib Aug 7th here in So Cal along side ‪BaxWar‬ brothers Split Divo, G-Life, Ernie D, ADVENTURE TIME, GANJre The Giant & DJ MADDSTLYES to help raise money for the relocation of Brooklyn's Family back in PA, pls come out and support! Will be a fun night!  Head here for more info.


Going to monthly meetings has been very spiritually uplifting for me. I am very proud to see where this positive movement and Family is now at. I am very much looking forward to our next charity event and participating in that. 

Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everyone! I am in a happy and peaceful place in my life and congratulations to all the new divisions and DL's .. I am paying close attention to the code of conduct and practicing that in my day to day life. They are very simple yet effective rules to help keep myself and others on track in life and focused on self improvement. 

Respect to everyone for doing their part and those that are going that extra mile to keep everyone a tight knit community and keeping things moving and growing in the right direction !!  

Much love and Respect

Axes Up!!