A Message from Madchild

After a long World wide tour, it is great to be home!! I've been spending time making new friends and getting to know the members of the So Cal Division I am now a member of, as well as getting to know some of the other members and DL's from different cities. What an amazing group of people 🙏✨👌 such a warm and embracing division that have really made me feel welcome!! Not to mention, I am blown away by the talent a lot of our members have from Reno to SLC to So Cal and Nor Cal!! I look forward to getting to know more Warriors and Dimes on a personal level, and checking out more of the talented artists we have!!



Swollen Members "Balance" & "Bad Dreams"

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BATTLEAXE WARRIORS: We are building more than just a movement. We are building a family. BATTLEAXE WARRIORS is a brotherhood that is multi-cultural and world wide. It is a closed community of brothers that value loyalty and respect. We practice to become the best at what we do. 




MADCHILD - "Silver Tongue Devil"